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We provide HR support to meet all phases of your organizational cycle. We invest time in understanding your operational requirements and provide applicable practical support that is both personalized as well as value adding. We are flexible to fit any desired business model and deliver tailored service in different ways. We can work in varieties of environment whether Ad-Hoc, Structure outsourced and HR Consultancy services.

Detailed Approach:

Salary Surveys

We carry out bespoke salary surveys. This enables our clients to have data that is targeted directly at their industry and the specific roles that they want surveyed as well as having current and up to date data.

We tailor our surveys to our client needs and use our extensive network and trusted relationships to gather the relevant information. Over the years we have gathered extensive knowledge and experience of salary levels and the various benefits clients use to reward their employee.

Payroll services

Unionbay provides a complete payroll service. You provide us your employee details and we:
  • Set them up on our payroll system
  • Run your payroll through our payroll software
  • Provide the journals for your accounting system
  • Provide you with the amounts that need to be paid for TRA , Pension Contributions, (PPF & NSSF) and WCF.
  • Give you advice on payroll taxes
  • Provide employees with professional non-carbonated pay slips
  • Prepare the required 6 monthly returns

Performance Coaching, Teambuilding & Training

At Unionbay we have learnt that individuals whom we have coached over the years initially have lacked the self-awareness to recognize they are not delivering at their maximum potential or within the scope of their abilities.

Our coaching input has produced ROI results in supporting individuals attain recognition of their performance within their roles often marked by appointments at a higher grade within their organisations. While training is an “event”, coaching is a process and helps employees articulate and define their personal motivation when carrying out tasks.

Coaching is a valuable accompaniment to training to ensure that new knowledge imparted, actually becomes learned behavior.

Labour Outsourcing

At Unionbay we understand that some of our clients want to keep their headcount to a minimum or are just setting up business in Tanzania. We therefore offer an outsourcing solution where we provide the client with the staff they need.

Work & Residence Permits

Unionbay assists clients with the arduous process of obtaining Work & Residence permits.

We work closely with the client, taking them through the process and ensure that all the relevant documentation is obtained and submitted to the correct place within the necessary timeframe.