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For each individual vacancy our team of consultants defines the recruitment strategy, which channels to use and we ask for our client’s input: sometimes exposure through an advert might be desirable from a corporate communications point of view.

We provide services with the highest standards of professional and ethical competence (Confidentiality) and integrity with production of verifiable and auditable record (both hard and soft) for the whole process.
We do not present placed candidates to other potential employers within one year after placement with our clients.

Detailed Approach:

Our Candidates

Unionbay has an extensive network of candidates, from different levels. On a continuous basis we identify the best professionals in the market. We have developed a network of individuals from all disciplines.

The candidates range from recent graduates right through to senior management and executive level.


The timeline on closing the vacancies depends on the company deadline for having the employees on board. This aspect will need to be confirmed by the client based on client’s priorities and steps that need to be included in the recruitment process.
We may have candidates available in our pool of high potential already seen during a face-to face or a skype interview.

Our Process

Based on the terms of reference provided, Unionbay will assign a dedicated Recruitment Consultant to each request of the client with a well-defined recruitment process and steps (process & steps to be communicated and agreed with client).